Hi, I'm Pierre, a VDOT02 certified coach

I’m a new running coach, running helped me become more confident, healthier and overall happier and I’m hoping I can help others fall in love with running as well.

Email me at [email protected] if you have any questions

Coaching philosophy

If you run, you’re a runner. That’s it, no ifs.

I also like the word athlete. I despise the word jogger. Why the need to separate “runners” from “joggers”. The short answer is that some people who think of themselves as fast want to make sure they’re drawing an explicit line and use the word “jogger” as a gate keeping term. None of that here.

It’s not about fast or slow, it’s about doing something for yourself.

One of my favorite things about running, it’s easy to see and measure improvement. If you put the work in, you will get better, it’s that simple. But simple does not mean easy, consistency is hard, and I’m here to help you with it.


I’m flexible, I’ll adapt to your needs and to your situation, but the following are the main options I can provide:

Consultations & Training Plans

Starts at $25, as a one-time payment, and is the best option if you want something simple, that doesn’t demand too much time.

Maybe you don’t want to dedicate too much of your already busy schedule to running, maybe you don’t have the time, or the means, or absolutely anything else, and that’s fine!

We will do a one-time consultation, FaceTime, Zoom, Skype, actual Phone, or just over emails, we’ll figure something out, that’s the easy part.

In about 30 minutes or so I’ll learn more about yourself, your fitness, and we’ll set a goal together. I’ll build a customized plan for you that will help you meet your goal.

Don’t be fooled, it’s not because it is a one-off payment that the relationship will start and end with this call! I’ll still be here to answer any questions you have.

What you’ll get:

  • One-time consultation
  • A realistic goal, tailored specifically to push your limits
  • A customized training plan to meet said goal
  • Answers to all your questions about running, nutrition and everything else

Personalized, on-going coaching

Starts at $50 / month, price will vary depending on how much input you’ll want from me.

We will start with a consultation, as described above. After that, we’ll work together, through your training program. They range between 8 to 18 weeks.

Maybe one email per week, telling you what the plan is for the upcoming week, will be enough. Some people will want more, such as feedback about specific workouts or adjustments to your program, we’ll figure out what works for you.

This is the option you need if you want to push yourself, and want my help holding you accountable for it.

What you’ll get:

  • Everything mentioned above, consultation, goal, plan & questions/answers
  • Weekly updates to your training plan
  • Someone to accompany you through your running journey


My PBs are:

  • Marathon: 2h54 (NYC 2019)
  • Half: 1h18 (Staten Island 2019)
  • 10 miles: 59:18 (Bronx, 2019)
  • 5k: 17:37 (Washington Heights 2020)

And if you want to see more results, here is my NYRR page and here is my Athlinks page

So unless you’re trying to break 2h30 for the marathon, and in this case, congrats because that puts you somewhere in the top 99.5% of runners out there, we can probably work together!

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