Hi, I'm Pierre, a VDOT02 certified coach

Hi, I’m Pierre, a French runner living in Brooklyn, NY. I started running regularly in 2014, and what started as a measure to maintain my weight while continuing to stuff my face with all the fast food available in America, has now transformed to an obsession.

I’m a VDOT02 certified running coach

I love buying running shoes (running gadgets as well), and figured I might as well try to turn this (expensive) obsession in something that can maybe help other athletes out there. At least it’ll make me feel better about it!

I am also a software engineer and I write about tech on my blog.

My PBs are:

  • Marathon: 2h54 (NYC 2019)
  • Half: 1h18 (Staten Island 2019)
  • 10 miles: 59:18 (Bronx, 2019)
  • 5k: 17:37 (Washington Heights 2020)

And if you want to see more results, here is my NYRR page and here is my Athlinks page.

Running “history”

I wrote a few posts about how I got into running and the different milestones I reached along the way.